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SEED is an Eclipse IDE plugin that aims to ease users in writing clean and consistent Cucumber tests. Its main duty is to flag for repeated Cucumber Features, Scenarios, and Steps as the user is writing these tests. Cucumber tests can grow to be at a significantly large scale in a project and could potentially make maintaining/writing of these tests to be difficult i.e. prone to human mistakes. Manually discovering these inconsistent tests and having to refactor them could create a significant impact on a software development project especially if it is done late in the project timeline. In addition, it tries to guide users towards following the best practices of writing Cucumber tests.

Features include:-

  • Discovering duplicate Feature titles.
  • Discovering duplicate Scenario descriptions.
  • Discovering duplicate Steps.
  • Provide QuickFix for 'Given' steps that have been repeated across all of the scenarios and migrate them into the 'Background'.
  • Provide QuickFix for consecutive Given/When/Then steps and refactor them into 'And' or 'But' steps.
  • Cucumber grammar/syntax validation -- Before writing neat tests, they have to be valid beforehand!
  • Outline view of Cucumber tests.
  • Identifying lengthy Scenarios and Scenario Outlines (more than 5 steps or less than 3 steps).
  • Identifying lengthy Background (more than 4 steps).
  • Identifying conjunctive steps and provide QuickFix for splitting said steps (into multiple steps).
  • Able to detect if a Scenario(s) has multiple/consecutive 'When' steps and suggest a better solution for it.
  • Able to detect if/when multiple Scenarios are similar to one another and provide QuickFix for combining them into a single Scenario Outline.

BONUS: Able to work side-by-side with the Cucumber JVM Eclipse Plugin.